About Martin

Lover of dogs all my life and I’ve been a Digital Marketing expert for the last 16 years’, specialising in SEO and Google ads. The idea for this website came from me wanting the very best for Oscar, especially in his older years and taking care of his overall health and joints.


Meet Oscar

Oscar is a cross between a Japanese Akita and Dalmatian. I knew from the first moment I met Oscar as a pup, he was a truely unique character and full of personality. I made sure to meet his mum and dad first to get a sense of how Oscar had been brought up so far.

His mum was the Japense Akita, she was a large dog but soft at heart and very loyal.
His Dad was the Dalmatian, medium sized dog and also a brilliant personality, great around kids and very loyal.

Oscar is very unique in the sense of he has the body of a Dalmatian with the typical black and white spots and he has the mannerisms, ears and tail of the infamous Japanese Akita. And I swear he can say ‘I Love You’ when he howls haha.

Oscar is now 6 years old and has been a brilliant dog, so it’s important I take care of him in his later years and take care of his overall health and more importantly joints. This is where I had the idea to sell dog ramps to ease pressure when jumping up and down from elevated platforms, whether that is a sofa, bed or transporting Oscar via car or van.


Oscar’s Likes and Dislikes

Oscar’s Likes

– Food
– Plastic Bottles
– Long Walks through the woods
– Shallow Rivers and Puddles
– Kids

Oscar’s Dislikes

– Nail Clippers
– Cats
– Hoover

Looking For Dog Ramps?

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