1. Max: From the Latin Maximus, meaning “greatest.”
  2. Charlie: Diminutive of Charles, with Germanic roots meaning “free man.”
  3. Buddy: American origin, signifying “friend.”
  4. Cooper: Originally an English occupational surname for a barrel maker.
  5. Jack: Short form of John, which means “God is gracious.”
  6. Rocky: Inspired by rocky landscapes or perhaps popular figures like Rocky Balboa.
  7. Bear: Represents strength, or resembles the animal bear.
  8. Duke: Means “leader,” originally a title of nobility.
  9. Toby: Of Hebrew origin, short for Tobias, meaning “God is good.”
  10. Tucker: Old English origin, referring to cloth fuller. … (For brevity, I’ll continue with highlights and notable origins.)
  11. Buster: A term of endearment, popularized in the early 20th century.
  12. Dexter: Latin origin, meaning “right-handed, fortunate.”
  13. Bruno: Germanic origin, meaning “brown.”
  14. Oscar: Possibly from Old English, meaning “God’s spear.”
  15. Diesel: Named after Rudolf Diesel, or signifies strength and power.
  16. Moose: Represents size and strength, after the large animal.
  17. Ollie: Diminutive of Oliver.
  18. Jasper: From Persian “Gaspard,” meaning “treasurer.”
  19. Thor: Norse god of thunder.
  20. Gunner: Scandinavian origin, meaning “bold warrior.”
  21. Marley: English origin, meaning “pleasant seaside meadow.”
  22. Harley: From Old English, meaning “hare’s meadow.”
  23. Hunter: Occupational name for a hunter.
  24. Lucky: Denotes good fortune.
  25. Chewy/Chewbacca: From “Star Wars,” Chewbacca is a loyal Wookiee.
  26. George: From Greek, meaning “farmer.”
  27. Scout: To observe or explore.
  28. Jackson: Means “son of Jack.”
  29. Cash: English origin, possibly referring to a box or money.
  30. Apollo: Greek god of music, arts, and knowledge.
  31. Mac: Gaelic origin, meaning “son.”
  32. Bruno: Repeated from 24, Germanic origin meaning “brown.”
  33. Scooter: A playful, mobile term, possibly from “scoot” meaning to move swiftly.
  34. Prince: Denotes royalty.
  35. Rambo: Popularized by the action movie character John Rambo.
  36. Patches: Often denotes a multicolored coat.
  37. Murphy: Irish origin, meaning “sea warrior.”
  38. Bruce: From the Old French “brus” meaning “thicket.”

This summary provides a brief insight into each name. Some names have cultural or region-specific origins, while others have been popularized by media or are simply endearing terms.